RubyMine WSL2 Mappings

January 21, 2021 | 0 Comments | 1 min read

For my Ruby development I have been using Visual Studio Code and WSL 2.

I wanted to move to a more Ruby friendly IDE… RubyMine.

I used this guide from the RubyMine Documentation:

The problem I had was the mapping between the Windows file system and the Linux one - step 6 in the documentation.

The problem seemed to be that the mappings didn’t work when access the UNC shares for WSL 2. For example the UNC path for this blog is \\wsl\Ubuntu\home\cchild\repos\

The way around this is to map a network drive to the UNC path and us that for the mappings in RubyMine.

I ended up doing one mapping.

U: —> /

Rubymine WSL 2 Mapping

Hope this is useful.

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